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What Do You Get With Your "Your Business In A Day"?

📢 Lead Capture Page:

Get those leads rolling in! Use this page to grab the attention of potential clients.

💰 Sales Page for Your Program:

Showcase your program in style. This page is designed to convert curious visitors into enthusiastic participants.

🤔 Qualifying Questionnaire:

No more tire-kickers! Separate the serious clients with a smart questionnaire.

📅 Appointment Booking:

Make scheduling a breeze. Book discovery calls and client sessions hassle-free. Reduce no-shows with email and text reminders.

🎁 Alternate Page with Resources:

For those who don't qualify, we've got a backup plan. Offer them valuable resources to keep them engaged and help them get started with you .

💸 Downsell Offer:

Don't let anyone slip away! Present a juicy downsell offer for those who might need a little extra nudge.

👫Bring-a-Friend Offer:

Encourage referrals and grow your community.

BONUS: Email Follow-Ups Galore!

🚀Introducing BizGreenhouse, Your All-in-One CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)! Marketing on Auto-Pilot!

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We call it BizGreenhouse because it's all about helping you grow your business. We bought this when we got fed up with how long it was taking to get set up on ClickFunnels. We'll never look back.

This CRM is your new best friend. Why do we say that? Check out just some of what you can do with it:

🌟 All-in-One:

This isn't just a CRM; it's your personal marketing and sales command center. Picture this: you can whip up a funnel, craft a stunning website, and wield all your essential tools, all from one spot. Convenient and money-saving!

📝 Forms and Surveys:

Collect leads effortlessly! Our CRM lets you create sleek forms that make lead generation a breeze. Need to prequalify your leads? Now you can with our surveys. You can even effortlessly offer unqualified leads an alternative or downsell.

📆 Calendar:

Need a meeting? No problem! Schedule calls on your calendar with ease. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forths; it's all at your fingertips. And when they schedule, their contact information ends up on your main contact list so you don't have to bring them over separately.

🚀 Funnel Builder:

Ready to launch your next big thing? Our CRM helps you set up funnels that convert like crazy.

💰 Accept Payments/Invoicing/Proposals:

Collect payments, send invoices, and dazzle clients with professional proposals, all within the same system.

📧 Email & Text - Automation & Two-way messaging:

Stay connected. Send automated emails and text messages to nurture leads and clients like a pro.

🎒 Course memberships and online community

Manage your courses, memberships and online communities, all within the same platform where no one else is advertising to your people.

🧠 Content AI:

Your copywriting sidekick, Content AI, assists you in crafting compelling messages that hit the bullseye every time.

But wait, there's more! We have a powerhouse team of 100 full-time developers working round the clock. They release updates every week to make it even easier for you to get the sale!

Accepted cards
Accepted cards


Meet The Team

photo of David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Social Media

Known for his prolific songwriting, rich baritone voice, and powerful prayers, David Griffiths has become a leading voice on faith based content creation. With 1.3M followers on TikTok and over 223,000 followers on Instagram, he has shared prayers with millions of people through social media. He currently runs Content Creating Academy, a coaching and digital marketing agency helping churches, gospel artists, and Christian service providers reach a larger audience through social media.

photo of Simone Henry

Simone Henry


Simone Henry is a digital marketer and coach specializing in helping coaches and consultants systematize their marketing processes so that they can be consistent and grow. As a former software engineer and web developer, she spent two decades, building systems for many types of business scenarios. Now she's excited about no-code solutions that are accessible to all types of businesses giving everyone the ability to reach the world with their products, services and message. Her ultimate goal is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs grow to a place of freedom of time and money.

photo of Danny Williams

Danny Williams


Danny Williams is an author, speaker, and coach who specializes in helping people grow through every limitation and pursue a meaningful life. As a former teacher and school principal, he spent two decades expanding minds in urban, rural, and international communities alike. Drawing from his personal experiences overcoming limiting thoughts and beliefs he wrote, “MindSHIFT: 31 Secrets to Radically Transform Your Life, Work and Worth” (due to be released late 2023). He finds no greater pleasure than guiding others out of their comfort zone and into their full potential so they can realize the promise of LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.


I want to brag on David Griffiths for a minute. He has been such an invaluable resource and an incredible mentor to me as I’ve tried to navigate what it means to be an online pastor. I thank God for David and his mentorship. I believe that God has brought him into my life for this season to teach me what I need to learn so I can push through the frustration of the computer side of things and get to the heart of it all as a pastor to connect with people, to love them and minister to them. Thank you so much, David, for all you’ve done. Thanks for your expertise and your dedication.

Pastor Debbie Howell | Online Pastor

Danny brings a person back out of the 'nitty gritty' and asks them to look ahead and first see, then embrace all the potential that can be, with The Lord at our side. And then act, set aside one's doubt and take the next step.

I would highly recommend Jump Start and Content Creating Academy to the inquiring mind.

Anonymous | Entrepreneur

After working with Simone, my funnel now includes upsell, down sell, and cross-sell components, a vast improvement from my previous setup. Her expertise has elevated my standards; I can no longer settle for anything less than well-structured and pristine work. Simone's dedication to excellence and her desire to see others thrive make her an invaluable asset, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional support.

Erica Kesse, LC, CPQC | Your Goal Concierge, Inc.

Dottie Hood | Hood World Music

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